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The Mayfield Village Civic Center (formerly Mayfield United Methodist Church) is located at:
6622 Wilson Mills Road
Mayfield Village, Ohio
The Mayfield Village Civic Center is located at the corner of SOM Center Road and Wilson Mills Road in Mayfield Village, Ohio.

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9th Annual "A Taste of Hillcrest"

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RELEASED: September 15, 2009

9th Annual "A Taste of Hillcrest"
Thursday, October 15th, 2009
Executive Caterers at Landerhaven
6111 Landerhaven Drive
Mayfield Heights, OH 44124
Join us for a fabulous evening of fun, food and entertainment and help support Hillcrest Rotary's Area-wide charitable works, including Meals on Wheels, local Special Olympics, health initiatives, and Senior and Youth Programs.
Enjoy fine cuisine from 25 area restaurants, live entertainment, raffles, silent auctions, and more. Tickets, in advance, are only $35.00 each and include food, beverages and entertainment. Cash bar available.
Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Hillcrest
For more information, group discounts and tickets, please call: 440-473-9030
Hope to see you there!!

Rotary District 6630 District Conference May 1st and 2nd 2009

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RELEASED: April 15, 2009

Rotary District 6630 District Conference
May 1st and 2nd 2009
Bertram Conference Center
600 North Aurora Road
Aurora, Ohio 44202
We Honor Our Rotary Heritage as We Build On Our Rotary Future "Great Events in Club History". Join us for an inspirational and dynamic conference featuring:
  • Cliff Dochterman, Past Rotary International President
  • The GSE Team from Lagos, Nigeria
  • The Four-Way Test Speech Contest
  • Gerry Faust, Past Head Football Coach, Notre Dame
  • Laura Ban, Ambassadorial Scholar
  • Sam Rutigliano, Past Head Coach
  • Cleveland Browns
If you are interested in attending you can register online at:
Or you can view and print a full Itinerary and Registration Form here.

Hillcrest Rotagram - April 14, 2009 Meeting

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RELEASED: April 15, 2009

Bill Burcham
The meeting was opened by Joe C.
Guests: Dan Davis, Chagrin Highland Club, Jack Young Past District Governor.
Happy/Sad Bucks: Derek Nevar happy it is his birthday paid his birthday bucks and one for a missed meeting. Joe S. paid a happy buck for tomorrow being 4/15 and the end of tax preparer's season. Mike J. happy Gail S is back. Joe W. happy he is on vacation and taking his family and the foreign exchange student Christen to New York City. Gail S. happy to be back and to see the tables in the club filled with members. Brought a flag from Ester Club in Florida. Georgia T. happy as she had a great time at her son's wedding over the weekend. Also happy for e-mail as the bride and groom have been e-mailing her daily from London. Lynda R. happy as she and her family celebrated Easter on Saturday. On Sunday she and Phil went for a long bike ride on the Towpath. Joe C. happy as he was able to spend Ester with his family and Melissa D. was a guest.
Announcements: John W. unhappy due to the lack of members signed up for the Annual District Conference. He feels that there is a lack of interest. Other members stated that no information including registration forms have been published on the Web making it impossible to make any decisions. Discussion was held that one day of the Meeting May 1st and 2nd will be used as a club meeting. The club will pay $10.00 for each member who chooses to attend.
Mike Jr. said he was passing around the sign up sheet for the TOH thank you dinner at California Pizza Kitchen in Legacy Friday evening. He stated that he will not be able to attend the conference as he will be out of town but will pass a sign up sheet around.
Jack Young stated that there will be a Foundation Benefit and dinner to honor John Bosco, club member and new District Governor in July. It will be a buffet featuring foods from several countries. The cost is $30.00 a person. There will be multiple baskets and raffles taking place. He encouraged club members to be present. He also stated that information would be forthcoming on the conference in Kalahari.
Lynda R. stated that she picked up two returned letters from the mailbox and wanted to know which member sent them out. John W. claimed them.
Dan Davis brought green t-shirts for members of the club to wear the day of the District 4 Way speech contest in Shaker. Joe W. asked that someone from the club agree to be with our club winner Krista and her family that day as he will be in New York City.
The guest speaker Franklin B. Floyd, Jr. was introduced His first comment was that he had been an Group Study Exchange Student in Japan 25 years ago for 6 weeks. He found the experience very valuable and is only to happy to speak to any Rotary Club who asks him. The title of his discussion was Aviation: Wright Brothers & the Magic of Helicopters.
Franklin presented the background information on the family of Wilbur and Orville Wright and how their family values contributed to their accomplishments. They were raised in Dayton, Ohio. Their father was a Bishop, and their mother who was mechanically inclined expired when they were young. They had a sister who raised them. They were taught that they could achieve anything they wanted to. Their first business was a bicycle shop. They had very curious minds and studied birds and aviation. Otto Levinthall was the first person to study air flow aand the pressure needed to create lift - air foil. He did experiments with flying. He was killed in a crash of his kite. The Wright brothers continued to experiment with various means of achieving balance while in motion. They proved that Otto's theory was incorrect and went on to do testing of various methods they developed. Through modifications and changes they were eventually able to transport their proto type to Kitty Hawk, N.C. where they utilized Killdeer dunes in their trials. Eventually they built a glider with a rudder, an engine they had one of their employees build and a propeller. They added a bike chain to drive the propeller. Wilber won the right for the first flight. The plane was put on a rail and upon rising in the air crashed. Two days later, after rebuilding the nose Orville got his turn. The rest is history. Wilbur expired at 46 years old and Orville at 76 in 1948. Orville visited the Wright Patterson Air Force Base to see a jet land., prior to his expiration.
Franklin ran out of time and did not get the opportunity to discuss his experiences as a helicopter pilot.
Rota Buck winner: Franklin Floyd, Jr.

Hillcrest Rotagram - March 24, 2009 Meeting

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RELEASED: April 2, 2009

Bill Burcham
The meeting was opened by Brian G. in the absence of Joe C.
Guest: Elizabeth Vernik from Hillcrest Hospital, Student Natasha Shorts, family members and school representative from Brush High School. Student Christa Berlingeri, family members and school representatives from Mayfield High School.
Happy/Sad Bucks: H/Melissa D. who warned everyone about the virus that has the potential to effect all computer systems tomorrow. H/Frank M. who announced that the Cleveland Indians were selling ½ price tickets to the games if you brought in an empty Pepsi can. H/Brian G. for the good turn our of club members at the District Assembly in Kent the previous Saturday. He was also happy to have been the recipient of an excellent dinner cooked and served at the Delibero home the night of the Fireside Chat. H/Janet S. was happy to have attended the Fireside Chat. She stated that it was very educational. Mike Jr. paid an explanation buck and stated that the attendance at the event had been kept to a minimum to not overwhelm the new members.
John B. made the comment that the uninvited members should also be fed. Scott M., Sgt at Arms announced that anyone who has a cell phone which rings during the meeting will be fined. He also reminded members that Highland Heights is having a free shredding event this Sunday from 10am - 2pm. George S. reminded everyone that the Taste of Aurora was coming up this coming Sunday.
Vo-ed Dinner: John W. stated that 7 more sponsors were needed for the Vo-ed dinner. If they are not forthcoming, the club will have to subsidize the event with $1,000.00 more than budgeted.
Jackie M. stated that the sign-up sheet for the Special Olympics bowing event this coming Sunday was being passed around to the members. There are two sessions, one starting at 9:30 and beginning at 1:00 pm.
Joe W. introduced the two high school speakers for the Four Way Test. He stated that the student from Gilmore cancelled due to illness. The two students are from Brush High School and Mayfield.
Christa Berlingeri from Mayfield spoke first. She presented the idea that all women are beautiful and that they should not be judged on just their looks. She stated that women are a "ray of light". She also discussed the importance of a supporting father, one who teaches a girl self respect, encourages them to accomplish all that they can, and makes them feel "beautiful".
Natasha Shorts from Brush chose to discuss the Golden Rule. She demonstrated how it applies to every day life. Her emphasis was on using self respect to be able to meet the challenges of growing up today .
Judges were George Schumacher, Roger Korsten, and John Wilson. First place winner, Christa Berlingeri received a check for $150.00 and is to participate in the District speech contest in Shaker Heights. Second place winner Natasha Shorts received a check in the amount of $100.00.

Hillcrest Rotagram - March 17, 2009 Meeting

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RELEASED: March 25, 2009

Bill Burcham
The meeting was opened by Brian G. in the absence of Joe C.
Guests: Mary Tash, host mother for Christian our Foreign Exchange Student.
Happy/Sad Bucks: Melissa D. To thank every one for their prayers and caring expressions in regards to the expiration of her mother. She stated that her mother was a donor to the Eye Bank. Mike J. Sr. happy that our club had the most representatives at the recent PETS Meeting. Joe K. was happy to recommend Reverant K's daughter as a good babysitter. Brian G. stated that the PETS Seminar was very good. A survivor from 9/11 spoke at the meeting. Lynda R washappy as she and Phil took care of her middle grandson over the weekend and today is their 36th wedding anniversary. Scott M. paid because he was featured in a North East Shore Live article. Bobbie T. paid for missing a meeting. Kathleen M. also attended the PETS seminar and found it to be benefical.
Announcements: Tom M. stated that he had two tickets to the play Crime and Punishment at the Cleveland Playhouse tomorrow night. Joe B. the chef had the highest bid for them.
John W. stated that sponsors and boosters are needed for the Vo-Ed dinner May 5, 2009. He is asking every member to consider at least being a booster. Anyone wanting a Rotary news letter may sign up for it He stated that 37 sponsors are needed.
Brian G. stated that the Aurora club is having a Taste of Aurora April 5.
He also stated that sign up sheets are circulating for the Burton Club's pancake breakfast March 22 and 29. He stated that thus far more people had signed up for the 22nd and those on the 29th may want to consider going the 22nd.
The March board meeting is being cancelled due to lack of members being able to attend as well as act in the absence of Joe C., President.
Joe W. stated that thus far he had students from three schools who were going to participate in the Speech Contest. He requested that members sign up as judges.
Mike Sr. reminded the members that D.K Lee, Rotary International President will be in Cleveland April 2 - 4. He is encouraging members to attend the dinner at Landerhaven.
Brian stated that he will not be at the meeting next Tuesday and Joe W. will lead the meeting.
Guest Speaker: Rev. Norman K. Douglas, M. Div. Co-Founder, Heart to Heart Communications.
In 1986 a very successful Akron Attorney, Larry Vuillemin experienced a stroke at the age of 35. During this period of time, he began to review his lifestyle and choices and along with Rev. Douglas formed a faith based group to determine what directions they wanted their lives to go. After 1 ½ years of meeting the expanded into the business it is today. They offer programs for values based leadership in business, the community, retreats and at corporate levels. They present a sense of spirituality and purpose and how people can bring these ideas to their place of work or in whatever activity they are involved in. Their web site is
Rotabuck winner: Lynda R.

Hillcrest Rotagram - March 10, 2009 Meeting

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RELEASED: March 11, 2009

Bill Burcham
The meeting was opened by Brian G. in the absence of Joe C.
Guests: Frank Moore
Happy/Sad Bucks: Joe W. was happy to see that some of the young men he had in the youth wrestling program have gone on to win in programs for older students. John B. sad that his eye is not completely healed and that is may take 6 more weeks for complete resolution of the problem. He also experienced a torn rotator cuff, when he fell and will now have to have that repaired. He also stated that he is nervous as he has to do a presentation at the all Ohio PETS Conference in Columbus. Phil P happy for the support the members of the club gave the senior citizens the night of rehearsal for the Mayfield High School Play. Ross D. missed meeting bucks and announced that he brought Girl Scout cookies for the members to purchase. Lynda R. happy as Saturday she and Phil wee able to purchase the last of the hardwood trim for their house. She also stated that this year the Girl Scout cookies sales were down 16%. She stated that if someone does not eat cookies, they can still purchase a box and designate it to be sent to the armed forces. Kathleen M. was happy as her daughter Emily was in a swimming conference and got the Personal Best award. She is now qualified to go farther. Joe K. was happy to discuss an article that he read in the paper about a writing contest and wondered if the club would be interested in getting involved in one. Mike Jr., was happy for the TOH thank you turn out at Brio Friday evening. He commented that new members came for the evening. He was sad because he had to take everyone's birthdates including the years and he knows how members, particularly, females hate to have to divulge this information. He learned that March is the month with the most birthdays with no members being born in November. George S. stated the he took care of two of his grandsons over the weekend. It was quite an experience. Scott M. stated that Christian our foreign exchange student is now in another home but continues to go to Mayfield High School. He is to be here until June, 15. Bob S. is happy to be at a meeting after returning from Florida. He was sad because he saw 3 newspapers just thrown in the street. He remarked that there is a possibility that the Plain Dealer may close or go to an all digital format.
Announcements: John W. stated that Tom M. is helping him with the planning of the Vo Ed dinner which is to take place May 5, 2009. He emphasized the fact that Sponsors and Boosters are needed to assist with the financing of the dinner.
He also said that Channel 3 is doing a special on AED's. He sent an e-mail to Kim Wheeler explaining our program in an attempt to be on the program.
John B. stated that the District Assembly will be in Kent March 28. A representative from Cranes Cleveland Business is to speak. Otherwise, no formal agenda has been developed.
Mike J. asked if everyone had signed up for the Burton Pancake Breakfast Saturday March 28th and Sunday March 29. He stated that the majority of the members had signed up for the 28th. Plan to be there about 9:30. We are working on getting special seating. More information including the directions will be forthcoming.
The speaker, Barbara Deeds, Board President of Cleveland Kids in Need Resource Center was introduced. She explained that the center distributed school supplies to those students in need. There are 24 centers in the US. The National Kids in Need Foundation is located in Dayton.They receive supplies from donations by national manufacturers, distributors, retailers of school and office supplies and private donations. She stated that children who qualify for the free food program in the schools also qualify for the school supplies with the need growing every year. The teachers request grants and come shopping for supplies in their building located in the Old Gould Electronics Assembly Plant at 3631 Perkins Avenue, Cleveland. They had recently lost their biggest sponsor, but feels that the program supplies a much needed area and will find other sponsors and the support that it needs to survive. She said that 10-15 teachers shop every day of the school year and continue to purchase other needed items with their own money.
She stated that prisoners from the Grafton Correctional Facility and students from MRDD assist them with unpacking supplies and other needs they have. There is 4 paid employees in her building. They would not be able to accomplish all that they do without the additional help.
Rotabuck Winner: Mike Jr.

Hillcrest Rotagram - March 3, 2009 Meeting

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RELEASED: March 11, 2009

Bill Burcham
The meeting was opened by Brian G. in the absence of Joe C.
Guests: Jack Young: Past District Governor, Dana Nevar, Frank Moore.
Happy/Sad Bucks: Melissa D. Anyone wanting a Rotary news letter may sign up for it on the Web. Ross D. had a fun time in Florida with his family. He is sorry he missed the 50th Anniversary celebration. Roger K. paid for the good time at the Anniversary celebration and sad to have missed a meeting. John B. sad that he continues to be unable to see out of his left eye. He has been seeing the Ophthalmologist who reports it will take time. Darlene J. Sorry Darlene did not hear what you were saying. Lynda R. :Paid two dollars. She and Phil went shopping in Amish country, did not get what they went for but had a good time. Phil bought a bike and they went riding Sunday in the snow. Georgia T. happy spent five hours shopping for pink shoes with her granddaughter. It was fun but unsuccessful. They rated every mannequin's clothes from 1-10. Mike J said he had seen Joe C. today. Joe suffered a set back after attending the Anniversary and becoming a new grandfather. He is progressing well now and should be back soon. He sends his regards.
Announcements: Mike J said he had sign up sheets to pass around, 1 for dinner at Brio this coming Friday and one for the sign up for the Senior Night. 2-3 people are needed to ride the bus. Jackie M. also added to this by requesting the additional members help with the Senior Night.
Tom M. stated that he is assisting John W. with the Vo Ed Dinner. He handed information out to the members who are former sponsors and boosters. He is requesting their repeat assistance with the program. Melissa also stated that as soon as she got the information, an application to support this event will be on the Web.
Brian reminded everyone that the District Assembly in Kent will be Saturday, March 28 starting at 8:30 am. He encouraged all board members, Directors and Committee Chairmen to attend. The Committee Chairmen will be appointed prior to that time.
Brian discussed the Pets project that of gathering personal items for use by family members who are visiting injured servicemen at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. This is a project headed by Elizabeth, Brian's wife. Items are needed by the time of the PETS meeting.
Brain pointed out the calendar he had at the back of the room. It is to be used to show members the dates of the upcoming events.
Jack Young, Past District Governor was introduced. He spoke on the Shelter Box project. A box and its equipment was on display. These boxes consist of items that can be used for survival after a disaster has struck an area. The shelters are stored in 6 places throughout the world so the team can access them and respond to the need. In 20089 there was 75 disasters in 6 locations throughout the world. Jack is on the Board of Directors of Shelter Box USA. Their headquarters is in Florida. Tom Henderson, a Rotarian, is the founder. When a club sponsors a box they can track where it is stored and when it gets sent out and to where it is sent. There is a shelter box team to assist with the set up of the boxes in adverse conditions. The boxes are to large and cumbersome to carry. You do not have to be a Rotarian to belong to the Shelter Box organization. There are 4 clubs in our area who have sponsored boxes. The cost of a box is around $1,000.00. The tent in the box sleeps up to 10 people. They have yet to be able to coordinate their Shelter Boxes with an organization supplying food to citizens in a disaster. They are working on developing a working association. Currently 4,500 Shelter Boxes are stockpiled. They would like to have 10,000. The Shelter Boxes will always have the Rotary emblem on them.
He briefly discussed the Children of the Dump project that club members are interested in. The goal is to send 600 boxes. He will try to fulfill specific requests i.e., a member wanting a box for a 6 year old boy. He stated that one of the current educational projects for the Children of the Dump is teaching them hydroponics as a business.
Rotabuck Winner: Janet S.

31st Annual Recognition Dinner For Career Technical Education Honor Students

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RELEASED: March 10, 2009

31st Annual Recognition Dinner
C.F. Brush
High School

High School

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009
6:30 PM
The Manor Party Center
(Dinner by the Culinary Education Program of Beachwood High School)
For the past 30 years, the Hillcrest Rotary Club, in conjunction with local businesses, have sponsored an awards dinner for the outstanding vocational and industrial arts students from Brush, Mayfield, and Richmond Heights High Schools. The details of this year's dinner are noted above. The following provides further information:
  1. STUDENT SELECTION: The teachers at each school select the outstanding student in each of the programs listed below.

  3. AWARDS: The outstanding student in each program will receive an engraved trophy signifying their accomplishment.

  5. PROGRAM: All outstanding students, their sponsors and teachers will be recognized in our printed program.

  7. SPONSORSHIP: Individual members of the Hillcrest Rotary Club, other business leaders in our community as well as corporate suppliers to the schools career-technical programs and employers of winning students are encouraged to sponsor a student in one of the programs. This sponsorship provides dinner for the student, two guests, their teacher, and the sponsor and helps to cover a portion of the awards expense. The cost of sponsorship is $125.00.

  9. BOOSTERS: In addition to full sponsorships, the program encourages local business persons who cannot be sponsors to participate as Boosters by contributing to the awards portion through a donation of $35. These persons and businesses are recognized in our program by the printing of their business cards.
Click here for a Booster Application.
Click here for a Sponsor Invitation / Application.

Hillcrest Rotagram - February 24, 2009 Meeting

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RELEASED: February 28, 2009

Bill Burcham
The meeting was opened by Brian G. in the absence of Joe C.
Guests: Richard Walsh from Florida, Janet Shiciano; potential member, Julie West, Assistant District Governor, Mark W. from the Cleveland Club
Happy/Sad Bucks: Joe K. remarked on how enjoyable the 50th anniversary was at the Beachwood Hilton on Saturday, February 21, 2009 as well as the following members Mike Sr., Jackie M., Frank M., Julie W., Richard Cram, and Brian G. Jackie also thanked Kathleen M. for the help with the photo display the afternoon of the event. She remarked that every member needs to bring a camera to the events so the club has the necessary pictures for their history. Roger C. also stated that the celebration was the most economic Rotary event he had ever attended. He could not believe what his money purchased. Richard W. stated that he is happy/sad to be returning to Florida. This will be his last meeting for several months. Mike J. was pleased with the number of members, guests and former members who came to the 50th Anniversary (87). He did not have a $1.00 so Joe K. paid it. Lynda R. was thankful for the spouses who tolerate all of the time and preparation that went into the event. Brain G. also paid happy bucks for the contribution Richard W. had provided while here and to Joe W. our caterer for the Fat Tuesday Lunch. Joe C. provided information via a telephone conversation or an e-mail ( I am uncertain) that he is a grandfather again to a little boy.
Scott Mills announced that he had received a description of the duties of the Sgt. at Arms and would be following the guidelines. Members need to remember to wear their badges and pins or they will be fined. These fines will go into effect March 3, 2009.
Jackie M. explained the duties of the members who assist with the senior night at Mayfield High school. A sign up sheet went around. The play that night is The Little Shop of Horrors.
Joe D. announced that the special education picnic will be May 19 at Strawberry Lane. A sign up sheet will be distributed at later date.
Brian G. stated that he would be developing a calendar to be on display at each meeting, of the upcoming events as a means to keep the members informed and interested.
It was suggested that the Power Point presentation as completed by Mike Sr. and shown at the anniversary party be presented for display at the District Meeting.
Brian G. discussed the PETS Project, that of gathering personal supply items for family members of injured soldiers who are staying at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Elizabeth, his wife was chosen as a spouse/partner committee member. She purchased a container which was on display with several items in it as an example of what is needed. Members are asked to bring their contributions to the next meeting. This is the first ever Ohio Pets Spouse/Partner Service Project. The items are to be delivered during the PETS weekend March 13-15, 2009.
Roger Cram featured speaker of the week spoke on Rotaract. He provided historical information. He stated that member ages are from 18-30 years old. There are 145,000 clubs in over 100 countries. The purpose and goals of a club were discussed. Each club has to be sponsored by a Rotary Club. The clubs operate independently, select their projects and raise their funds. The Rotary Club is there to assist and monitor their progress.
He stated that he has met with Mike L. They have a place to meet. A date and time for the meeting is to be set. Roger will do a press release. Only 10 members are needed to start a club. They will elect their own officers. This club is not to be on a college campus. This allows for members to be active in the community. College clubs have a tendency to be dormant in the summer and loose members after graduation. Their ages are usually 18 - 22 years old. Their dues do not go to RI. They are not sponsored by RI. He stated that Mike L. would need assistance with the project. The clubs commitment is to just get them started and assist as needed.
Rota buck Winner: Mike Sr.

Hillcrest Rotagram - February 17, 2009 Meeting

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RELEASED: February 19, 2009

Bill Burcham
The meeting was opened by Brian G. in the absence of Joe C.
Guests: Richard Walsh from Florida, Rev. Roger Korsten, Janet Shiciano, potential member Christian.
Happy/Sad Bucks: Brian was happy that he and Richard W. performed volunteer services at the Food Bank. They moved 7,500 lbs of food. They also enjoyed the social time afterwards. Sad: Scott M. stated that his daughter earned her drivers license. Mike J., Jr. stated that he and Debbie attended the Shinning Star fund raising event organized by the Chesterland Rotary Club. He stated that it was a great event and he was able to socialize with old friends. Rob P. stated that it had been a rough two weeks. His daughter's show horse expired but they were able to purchase another one as the owner had lost his job and needed to sell the horse. Richard W. Happy/Sad Buck as he and his wife had to move her mother to the skilled nursing division of Homewood. Ross D. had a combination of happy sad bucks. The basket ball hoop fell on this car breaking the window during the wind storm. He gave his brother the car to drive and he hit the mailbox. He and his family are leaving for Florida this week and will miss the 50th Anniversary celebration. Derrick N. paid for a missed meeting and stated that he saw Mike J. at the Kirtland event where his father is a member. George paid to assure us that the Caribbean was still in existence. Like we care!!! John B. stated that his son had secured tickets to the basketball tournament. He also separated his shoulder. Last Thursday he drove several Rotarians to a meeting at Ashland University and experienced blindness in his left eye. He did not tell anyone in the car. After attend the Dr. he was told that he had a detached retina. He has a laser procedure Monday and stated that the pain was unbelievable.
Announcements: Bill H. stated that he had been contacted by Jack Y. regarding the collection of clothing and personal items for the children of the dump. He requested a showing of hands to see who would be interested. A discussion was held on either collecting money or purchasing items. Most of the members want to purchase items as they involve young children in the project and it is a good lesson for them. Brian went on to discuss some up coming projects with the District. Members felt that the children of the dump were first. The other projects can be reviewed as they occur and an involvement decision made.
John W. felt that it is important for all Paul Harris member to wear their medallion the night of the 50th Anniversary celebration.
Jackie M. stated that she has spoken to Joe C. and that he is recovering from his surgery and will be returning to the club shortly.
The speaker for the day, Robert Schordock, Director of WECO Micro Lon Fund Program (Wealth-Education-Collaboration-Opportunity) was introduced. This is a non-profit organization involved in assisting citizens with start-up loans for their businesses. These are people who are unable to borrow the money for starting their businesses, usually a three year business loan. They monitor the businesses, once they are funded, and provide education in money management and fiscal responsibility. The purpose is to create wealth, savings and home ownerships for someone who may never have the chance to succeed. The organization has helped over 100 people purchase homes and none are in foreclosure. They have assisted 64 business in their start up. He stated that there is a difference in small businesses and micro-businesses. A micro-business is a store in the neighborhood which may be managed by a family. The organization has managed funds for several cities including Cleveland, Ashland and Lakewood. They managed funds for Cleveland during the recent reconstruction of Euclid Avenue. They monitor loans monthly with a 93% success rate. Their loans have been made for residents in Cleveland and the surrounding communities.
They receive funds from the Small Business Administration, the state government and several banks. They also do fund raising. He presented a gentle reminder that the club may think about providing assistance.
Rotabuck Winner: ????.

Hillcrest Rotagram - February 10, 2009 Meeting

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RELEASED: February 12, 2009

Bill Burcham
NEXT WEEK: Our program on Tuesday, February 17, will feature Robert Schordock, Director of the Microenterprise Center of the WECO Fund, Inc., speaking on "Wealth-Education Opportunity."
COMING PROGRAM: On Tuesday, February 24, we will hear from Roger Cram, the Chairperson of Rotaract for our District. He will speak to us about "Rotary's Farm Team."
GUESTS: Janet Schiano who came to our club through our website.
HAPPY/SAD BUCKS: Tom Mugridge was sad to see his 29 year old hot water tank leaking, but he was happy to discover that he had been paying for the tank repair on his monthly bill from Dominion. Thus, he saved $700 until ice fell from his roof and crushed one of his front steps. Joe Wilson is sad that a lifelong friend died at the age of 46 from ALS. Joe DeLibero has discovered that he's the designated "wine supplier" for Board meetings. Apparently, the only requirement is that the wine be non-alcoholic. Bill Burcham brought greetings from Gail Sinito who is still in Florida and thanked everyone for making the weather so nice and warm for his return from the South. John Bosco was happy that the training session for presidents-elect was so successful. He thanked all those who helped make it so. Brian Giallombardo was pleased with the training and also with the fact that Jackie Minotas, our next Assistant Governor, led one of the most productive sessions. Brian had on a tie with Rotary's handshake symbol on it. He was very happy that while making up at Gavi's, he got involved with a fancy Valentine's Day celebration.
GOOD FEELING: President-Elect Brian felt good when he read Rotary's recommendation that a planning form should be filled out by each club, and he realized that because of our Strategic Planning process, we had already done that.
50th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION: Mike Johns, Jr. reminded us that he needs to have an RSVP from everyone. He's already had contributions from people who can't come, and he is looking for a few people who are coming or not who would send in a contribution of $50 or more to help support the event itself by paying for the photographers fee.
Mike is working on Rotarians of the Year. If you received that honor in the past ten years, email Mike and let him know what year that was.
THANK YOU: Treasurer Lynda read thank you notes from a family who received grocery money from us and from the special education class at Rowland School to whom we contributed $250.
NEXT OF KIN DATABASE: Our speaker was LuAnn Grover, co-founder of Parent Grief, Inc. It was this organization that furnished the push to get the database established. She and her family and friends worked hard to get HB392 into law following the death of her sister's son. Law enforcement officials were not able to locate and inform any relative for seven hours following the accident in which he was killed. You can put in the necessary contact information by going to LuAnn also had forms that can be filled out to enter your next of kin in the database. It was also suggested that entering an emergency contact on your cellphone under "ice" or putting the information in the glove compartment of your car are good ideas.
LuAnn and her associates spend time and money spreading the word about the database, but they can continue only if people will contribute. She said that even $5 would help.

Hillcrest Rotagram - February 3, 2009 Meeting

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RELEASED: February 4, 2009

Bill Burcham
The meeting was opened by Brian G. C.
Guests: Richard Walsh from Florida, Rev. Roger Korsten.
Brian G. opened the meeting in the absence of Joe C. President.
Rotary Minute: Brian announced that Bill Gates donated $255 million dollars to help eradicate Polio.
Happy/Sad Bucks: Richard W. is please to announce that he is now the grandfather to a second child, one boy and one girl. He handed out cigars to members of the club. Mike J. is happy as today is his father's birthday (Mike Sr.), Mike Sr. is happy that he met Bill Gates at the ceremony where Bill Gates gave the Rotary Foundation $255 million dollars for polio eradication. He was able to personally thank him. John W. was sad as he and Jeanne had to go to North Carolina for the funeral of Jeanne's step-mother. Tom M. was happy as he and Pat are celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversary. Lynda R. was happy as the family celebrated the third birthday of one of their grandsons and tomorrow is her birthday. Joe d. was happy as he and Bonnie were able to spend time in Colorado skiing with their daughters.
Announcements: Information from the International Cluster is that the Over the Rainbow project in Brazil has released a list of items they need for the project, one of which is blood pressure cuffs.
Richard W. pointed out an article about Polio in the Rotarian Magazine. Dr. Sabin was mentioned. He stated that his wife met Dr. Sabin.
History: Jackie M. has been researching club history for the 50th Anniversary celebration. She provided some today:
  1. 1969 The club changes its name to the Hillcrest Rotary Club
  2. 1990 was the first pancake breakfast the club held
  3. 1962 The name of the club bulletin changed to the Rotarian
  4. 1977 The city of Richmond Heights was added to the area the club covers
  5. 1987 The first woman was inducted
  6. 2001 The club had its first woman President, Gail Sinito
Mike Sr. stated while he was in Evanston, Il. He acquired a copy of the clubs original charter. This can be on display at the celebration.
Club Service: Mike Jr. asked if any member of the club had not yet received the invitation to the 50th Anniversary celebration. He also stated that the invitees needed to RSVP with a check included.
Lynda R. stated that she is in need of information to provide to the various governmental agencies to be able to get resolutions from them. Brian stated that he would assist her with this quest.
Mike announced that members of the club would not be going to Tastee Bites this Friday as the restaurant was to small to hold a group of people.
Community Service: Jackie stated that she received a thank you letter form Lander School for the Christmas gift.
The speaker Glen Haley, President & CEO - YMCA of Greater Cleveland was introduced by Brian. Brian stated that he used to play on a soccer team at the Y which eventually led to the start of a soccer program at Memorial Jr. High School.
Glen stated that:
  1. There YMCA types are defined by the area population.
  2. Globally there are 950 Corporations in existence
  3. The Cleveland Y serves 3 counties
  4. Each Y has a charter
  5. They have a defined territory to serve
  6. They are independent of the national organization and act as franchises
  7. the national organization does assessments of each Y
  8. Each Y currently has separate memberships with no crossovers for the members.They are working on changing this
Glen explained some of the long, and rich, history of YMCA's. The first club began in England in 1884.
He stated that the Y's have 3 pillars - Spirit, Mind and Body. The first Y was begun by a Christian organization.
  1. The first body building classes were started by Roberts J. Roberts in 1881
  2. They started reading rooms which later developed into libraries
  3. Basket ball was started in 1881 by James May Smith. It began with a medicine ball with a peach basket nailed to a wall. The medicine ball did not bounce.
  4. The Y's were also instrumental in starting foot ball, volleyball, and racket ball.
  5. He stated that soft ball was first called Kitten Ball and then Sissy Ball but changed to Soft Ball as men would not play the game under the other names.
  6. In 1954 the Cleveland club became the first intergraded club, 10 years ahead of the times.
  7. They had many schools which have since progressed to being colleges. The one example he gave was a school in Cleveland that became knows as Fen College and is now known as Cleveland State.
He explained the difficulty the Y is beginning to experience in fund raising, mainly due to the current economy. They are also looking at innovative methods of building clubs i.e., associations with cities and businesses. They collaborated with the city of Lakewood to build a Y as the community center. They are a nonprofit organization dedicated to the people in their communities. They continue to have a 148 room facility in Cleveland that rents to people for overnight stays.
Rotabuck Winner: Bobbi T.

Hillcrest Rotagram - January 27, 2009 Meeting

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RELEASED: February 3, 2009

Bill Burcham
The meeting was opened by Brian G. C.
Guests: Richard Walsh from Florida, Frank Moore, Derrick Nevar, Dana Nevar, Rev. Roger Korsten Joe Taraso.
Brian opened the meeting in Joe C's absence.
The guests were introduced. Derrick and Rev. Roger Korsten will be receiving applications to complete as they have indicated an interest in joining the club.
Happy/Sad bucks: Mike J. sad as he just returned from Montana where he attended the funeral of the 7 year old daughter of one of his friends. She was killed in a car accident on a very slippery road. He was amazed that there were 400 people at the services. The family resides in a very small town. John B. was happy to have attended a District Governors meeting in San Diego He participated in a skit with the name of "Lean on Me". He was wearing the official tie to the meeting. The theme for the Rotary year is "Rotary in Your Hands". He handed out the pins demonstrating the theme. Brian announced that Jackie M. has agreed to become the Assistant Governor for next year replacing Julie West. George S. is happy that he will be in the Caribbean next week.
Brian G. thanked Bill H. for facilitating the three strategy meetings in January. Many ideas were presented. We all have a shared mission and shared goals. One of the changes which will occur is a meeting with a printed agenda. Each member received an agenda today.
Announcements: Rotary President Lee will speak at the District meeting April 1.
Brian stated that he attended a Cluster Meeting which was very informative.
Officer candidates for the 2009-2010 year were again announced. Tom M. made a motion to accept and Ed Sullivan seconded the motion. There was no opposition from the members of the club.
Mike J. discussed the Anniversary Night concerns. He stated that he recognizes that the committee is down to the wire but if every one responds to the invitations by February 12 he feels the evening will be a success. He feels that the club should go forward with the February 21 date.
Jackie reviewed some history that she has found in preparation for the 50th year. She stated that 5/23/79; the club was involved in a Junior High School relay. The cost was $1.00 at the gate with .50 being charged for children.
Dan Davis was the guest speaker and spoke on the Four Way speech Contest and how the Four Ways pertain to his company and their way of doing business.
Dan stated that he continues to need high school students to enter the contest. He stated that he has even gone to the schools in his area and held a class explaining the contest and how a student can benefit from it. Joe Wilson stated that he has had a difficult time contacting the school counselors and making them understand the importance of getting a student to enter the contest. A comment was made that the teachers are extremely busy.
Dan will be happy to assist any member of the club who is willing to teach a class.
The District web site has a video and pictures of the speakers from last years contest.
Dan went on to discuss the significance of the Four Way Test in our lives as well as in our businesses. He went on to say that credit information belonging to his company was stolen from the processing company. The President of his company was forthcoming with the occurrence and stated what the company was going to do for anyone whose information was stolen and explained how they may contact the company. He used the example of the OJ Simpson book and how the public was angered over it causing the publisher to refuse to publish the book.
These are examples of the Four Way Test:
  • Is it the Truth?
  • Is it Fair to all concerned?
  • Does it create Goodwill and Better Friendships?
  • Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?
Rota buck Winner: Bobbi Tortorici

Hillcrest Rotagram - January 20, 2009 Meeting

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RELEASED: January 22, 2009

Bill Burcham
The meeting was opened by Joe C.
Guests: Richard Walsh from Florida, Frank Moore, Ingrid Beavers , Derrick Nevar , Rev. Roger Kersten, Jim S. (Friend of George), Emily Adams who was here with her Father Chris.
Jim introduced himself and stated that he is a retired Attorney. He also stated that he knows several members in the club, including George Schumacher.
Happy/Sad Bucks: Sad: Rob P. for missing meetings due to business needs. Joe C: Happy as this is a historical day with the inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States. There is hope that the current economy will experience a turn around even though it will take time. Joe K Happy as his minister, Rev. Roger Kersten is present today and will become a member of the club. John Wilson was happy with the attendance and discussions at the strategy meetings. He feels that the club is headed in the right direction. Jackie M. was sad to have missed the last strategy meeting. Derrick N. is happy to become acquainted with our club and its members. He paid his dues today. Lynda R. is happy that she had not had an automobile accident since November and is sad that many of the cities in the area are going to have a rough financial year. Joe C. agreed with her.
Announcements: Jackie M. said that the 50th Anniversary event will be held in the Beachwood Hilton with Cocktails from 6-7pm and dinner at 7pm. All members are strongly encouraged to attend as well as provide names of past members that they remember, to be able to send invitations. Jackie also stated that she has found some very interesting historical information. She found the minutes from the first meeting of the club. She had a newspaper article that stated the club help support the family of a slain policeman. She also stated that there is a 10 year period of essentially no information. She asked anyone having information to provide it to her.
Lynda R. stated that a photographer would be present at the event. Any pictures of members can be produced at the event and framed. Lynda stated that she is attempting to get resolutions from each city in our club area.
Kathleen Mekesa stated that she will be meeting with members of the Chagrin Highlands club to discuss our participation in their pancake breakfast. We need to know what they expect from us and how the proceeds are to be distributed. The event is Sunday, March 15 from 9am-1pm.
The last planning meeting for members of the club will be this Saturday the 24th from 9am - 2pm at the Holiday Inn Mayfield, 780 Beta Drive, Mayfield Village.
Joe stated that the next board meeting will be February 19th at the Richmond Heights City Hall starting at 6pm.
Lynda R. announced the slate of officers for the 2009-2010 year as follows:
President - Brian Giallombardo
President Elect - Kathleen Mekesa
Vice President - Joe Wilson
Secretary - Georgia Tucholka
Treasurer - Lynda Rossiter
Directors: George Schumacher, Jackie Minotas, Mike Johns Jr., Joe Delibero
The members have until next week to present their own candidates. If no one opts for changes, voting is scheduled to take place at that time.
Seth Spitale, General Manager of Fly Northeast Ohio spoke on "charter Aircraft: The Business & personal Alternative"
He pointed out the advantages of chartering flights some of which are, being on time, having a pilot at your fingertips for at least 14 hours, being able to fly to more than one city is a day in less time than taking a commercial flight.Charter flights have a secure environment. They make arrangements for meals in flight and rental cars at landing sites. While the cost may be more for an individual the results may make up the difference.
Rota buck winner: Reverend Kersten.

Hillcrest Rotagram - January 6, 2009 Meeting

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RELEASED: January 7, 2009

Bill Burcham
NEXT WEEK: On Tuesday, January 13, our speaker will be Sharon Moster, Executive Director of A Kid Again, Inc. She will talk about her company.
COMING PROGRAMS: On Tuesday, January 20, we will hear from Seth Spitale, President of Fly Northeast Ohio, talking on "Charter Aircraft: The Business & Personal Alternative." On January 27, our program will feature Dan Davis, Chairperson of our District's Four Way Test Speech Contest. He will talk about "Character Building: Rotary, Students & You!"
THANK YOU: The sponsor for our January programs is DGE John Bosco and his law firm.
GUESTS: Our visitors included two prospective members: Carrie Rosenfelt, Director of Development at WECO Fund, Inc. and Derek Nevar, a dentist in Chesterland.
STRATEGIC PLANNING: President Joe Cicero thanked Bill Hite for conducting a successful, day-long Strategic Planning session last Saturday and assessed fines to all who failed to attend. He also announced that a follow up meeting will be held on Saturday, January 17, at Lyndhurst Community Center from 9:00 until 2:00.
HAPPY/SAD BUCKS: Jackie Minotas wished everyone a happy new year and was very pleased with the great Strategic Planning meeting. John Wilson thanked Bill Hite for the time, effort and expense he incurred in putting on the meeting. Richard Welsh suggested we should double the salary Bill was paid for last Saturday. Lynda Rossiter had a great holiday and was also very pleased with Saturday's meeting. John Bosco was happy he went to the meeting. It was so good he forgot he was only going to stay a short while and he also saved the buck fine. Brian Giallombardo said it was too bad we hadn't had a meeting like that preceding Joe's presidency. George Schumacher was happy that OSU "showed up" for the Fiesta Bowl. Bill Burcham was very happy that Joe Kamiab has volunteered to take over for Joe Cicero on the Meals on Wheels route. Scott Mills feels that Christian needs to have more experiences than he is getting. He would like different Rotarians to invite him to enjoy family experiences with them for a weekend. He thanked Joe Wilson for taking care of Christian during the holidays. President Joe said he was grateful for all members of the club who have mentored him but especially to Bill Hite for help along the way and for the very effective Strategic Planning Meeting.
PANCAKE BREAKFAST: President Joe indicated that the Chagrin Highlands Club has invited us to join them in conducting a pancake breakfast. Do we want to do so? Lynda Rossiter, who organized our pancake breakfast last year, supports the idea.
POTENTIAL FUNDRAISER: Scott Mills passed around a game that he discovered when he visited Michigan recently. A Rotary club up there has been selling a local version of it. We could adapt it to our area and do the same and perhaps earn some money.
TOH THANK YOU: The next Taste Thank You Dinner will be at Malange on Friday, January 16. Be sure to sign up next week or email Mike Johns, Jr. by then if you plan to attend.
THE CLEVELAND POPS: Thanks to Bill Hite for arranging another great program.
Our speakers were Carl Topilow, conductor of the Cleveland Pops, and his wife, Shirley Morgenstern, who is the President and CEO of the organization.
They began the Cleveland Pops in 1996 after realizing that Cleveland had no high quality orchestra specializing in pops music as other cities had. They now give five subscription concerts each year in addition to a holiday concert and one on New Year's Eve. They've done concerts for the Browns, been on national TV accompanying an ice skating performance, and travel around Ohio giving concerts in various communities. Each of their subscription concerts is preceded by a pre-concert lecture featuring performers. Sixty instrumentalists play the concerts at Severance and about forty perform at other sites. Members are professionals, music teachers, or advanced students, but there are no Cleveland Orchestra performers.
Each of their concerts has a theme and this year's were reviewed by Carl Topilow and illustrated by a brochure describing them. They try to have fun at each event as they did with us. Shirley Morgenstern described a new program that goes into schools and actually teaches students to play keyboards and selects the best to perform during a concert at Severance Hall.

Hillcrest Rotagram - December 16, 2008 Meeting

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RELEASED: December 20, 2008

Bill Burcham
NEXT WEEK: On December 23, our program will feature The Singing Angels performing "Angels at Christmas." Members will be free, and each guest enjoying lunch and the program will pay $20. Those who choose to come for the program only will be $5.
COMING PROGRAMS: On December 30, we will have our annual Holiday Reception at PDG Joe Skoda's home in Woodhawk.
WELCOME BACK: It was good to see President Joe return to our podium still awaiting back surgery.
HAPPY/SAD BUCKS: Lynda Rossiter is happy that she had a chance to babysit her grandson again and that she now has her truck back. Bob Stabile was very pleased that "Ted agreed with everything I said." He also pointed out that when he comes north, he likes the people and not the weather. Ted Bilton admitted that he had agreed with Bob. George Schumacher (or Georgia Tucholka) enjoyed a family party last Saturday. Mike Johns, Sr. was happy about something, but I can't read my writing. Georgia Tucholka (or George Schumacher) said her/his son's engagement party was great. Joe Cicero said it was good to be back. He is also happy that his son has a girl friend who is not a relative and that we like. Now all we need is for him to find a job. Brian Giallombardo was pleased that his church's bell choir performed eight concerts at libraries and had an average of 50 attend each one. Mike Johns, Jr. reported that Kathy Mekesa was admitted to the hospital with what was suspected to be food poisoning.
APOLOGY: Your editor is sorry that Georgia's, George's, and Mike, Sr.'s contributions in the last section were so poorly explained. It seems I need a vacation or a handwriting coach, or both, since I can't read my own writing.
HOLIDAY PARTY: It will be on Saturday, December 20, beginning at 9:30 a.m. You are encouraged to attend even if you are not bringing children or grandchildren. I believe that the cost will be $15 per person, with kids under 6 being free. Please plan to pay as you arrive at the party.
OTHER DATES TO SAVE: Sunday, December 28, will be our Taste Thank You Brunch at Appetites beginning at 10:00.
Saturday, January 3, is our Strategic Planning Meeting. It is expected to last from 9:00 to 3:00.
CHRISTIAN UPDATE: Scott Mills reported that Christian, our exchange student, is doing better in school although biology is difficult for him. He's getting along well with the kids. Joe Wilson hopes to take him to Washington soon. Donations are being collected to help get a gift card for him.
HILLCREST 100: Our speaker was Eric Burgsman, Executive Director of the Hillcrest 100, a group which collects and preserves Donations which are used to support needy police and firemen and their families in the six Hillcrest communities. It was incorporated in 2004 and is a 501C3 nonprofit organization. They currently have a bank balance of $40,000. A number of other area communities have "100" organizations and some have considerably greater bank balances. The Hillcrest 100 has very few expenses other than the support they provide. Their trustees are all volunteers, so they only need to purchase items such as stickers and plaques and their website domain. They are not a social club and do not conduct fundraisers. During the last few years, they have provided $10,000 in aid to first responders. They are seeking memberships: individuals start at $35 and cost $500 for a lifetime membership. Corporate memberships begin at $250.
ROTABUCK WINNER: Joe DeLibero, who immediately donated it to the Hillcrest 100.

Hillcrest Rotagram - December 9, 2008 Meeting

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RELEASED: December 11, 2008

Bill Burcham
NEXT WEEK: On Tuesday, December 16, we will hear from Eric Burgsman, Executive Director of Hillcrest "100" speaking on "Hillcrest 100: Service to Our First Responders."
COMING PROGRAMS: On December 23, our program will feature The Singing Angels performing "Angels at Christmas." On December 30, we will have our annual Holiday Reception at PDG Joe Skoda's home in Woodhawk.
AILING PRESIDENT: Mike Johns, Jr., substituting for President Joe, indicated that Joe will need more back surgery and is having to restrict his motion. Obviously, he can use our prayers. In addition, if you have questions or information for Joe, Melissa DiBlasi will be in daily communication with him.
GUESTS: We welcomed Bob Inman.
HAPPY/SAD BUCKS: Tom Mugridge reported that he missed us, but he was forced to attend a business meeting in Tucson. Gail Sinito also missed a meeting but enjoyed Thanksgiving in Florida with her entire family. Ross DeJohn spent two weeks in Asia. He found the culture very interesting and their manufacturing "amazing and scary." George Schumacher attended Philanthropia and was impressed by the variety of organizations and nationalities. Lynda Rossiter missed the Taste Thank You Dinner on Friday because she was tied up in traffic due to an accident. Fortunately, she was not involved in the accident. On Monday, she attended Philanthropia and narrowly missed winning a prize.
FOUNDATION MONTH: November was dedicated to the R. I. Foundation, and George Schumacher emphasized how much The Foundation helps those less fortunate than we are and how it does so without using any of our money for administrative costs. Two ways we can contribute are to fulfill "Every Rotarian-Every Year" and to pledge a portion of our estate to Rotary through its Benevolences program.
HOLIDAY PARTY:vIt will be on Saturday, December 20, beginning at 9:30 a.m. Jackie Minotas encouraged all Rotarians to attend even if you are not bringing children or grandchildren.
DATES TO SAVE: Tuesday, December 23 for the Singing Angels. Cost has tentatively been set at $20 per person.
Sunday, December 28, will be our Taste Thank You Brunch at Appetites beginning at 10:00.
Saturday, January 3, for our Strategic Planning Meeting. It is expected to last from 9:00 to 3:00.
CATHOLIC EDUCATION: Our speakers were Stacy Picard and Sister Rita Mary Welsh, OSU who have co-founded SDG Advisors to assist Catholic schools in incorporating effective business practices.
They pointed out that studies have shown that Catholic schools do a better job of educating pupils than public schools even in the inner city. However, enrollment has declined in recent years from 5 million to 2 ½ million, from about 12% of students nationwide to 5%. Fewer nuns and brothers teaching have required the hiring of lay teachers who must be paid. To do so has meant the schools have had to increase tuition to cover their salary costs which total about 80% of each school's expenses. Tuitions now average $2,400 at elementary schools and $8-10,000 at the high school level.
SDG has as its goal the "re-tooling" of Catholic education by working with the schools' infrastructure, not its curriculum. They have experience in both the corporate and education worlds, and will try to marry practices from both so schools can be operated more efficiently. SDG's website is
Sr. Rita Mary Welsh is the sister of Richard Welsh who spent the summer attending our meetings. She emphasized that he really enjoyed our club.

Hillcrest Rotagram - December 2, 2008 Meeting

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RELEASED: December 5, 2008

Bill Burcham
NEXT WEEK: On Tuesday, December 9, our speakers will be Stacy Picard and Sister Rita Mary Welsh, OSU. They are partners and co-founders of SKG Advisors, LLC and will talk to us about "Strengthening & Sustaining Catholic Education."
COMING PROGRAMS: On Tuesday, December 16, we will hear from Eric Burgsman, Executive Director of Hillcrest "100" speaking on "Hillcrest 100: Service to Our First Responders."On December 23, our program will feature The Singing Angels performing "Angels at Christmas." On December 30, we will have our annual Holiday Reception at PDG Joe Skoda's home in Woodhawk.
THANK YOU: Our December programs are being sponsored by Michael J. Johns and Michael N. Johns and their firm, the Johns-Carabelli Company.
GUESTS: It was great to see Paul Menster again accompanied by his daughter Kim.
HAPPY/SAD BUCKS: Lynda Rossiter was happy that their trip to Michigan was uneventful but sad that there was no snow for cross-country skiing. Ed Sullivan was pleased to "be back," but not with the number of pre-surgical appointments he is going through. Paul Menster was very happy that his daughter was home for Thanksgiving. Joe Skoda reported seeing "a beautiful woman." He was referring to Karla Lindsey who had gastric bypass surgery and has lost 125 pounds. John Bosco is happy to be back from Nigeria. He helped to immunize 28 babies and had a photo to prove it. He reported that the Nigerians he met were very appreciative of the work of the Rotary Foundation. Brian Giallombardo reported that the bell choir in which he plays will be performing at the South Euclid-Hillcrest Methodist Church this Saturday at 2:00 p.m. All are invited. Mike Johns, Jr. was happy to see Paul Menster and his daughter at our meeting. He also feels good about it being the beginning of the holiday season.
THANK YOU NOTE: President Joe read a note from DG Fran Bayliss thanking us for our participation in the recent district fundraiser.
COMING EVENTS: Don't forget to sign up for the Singing Angels meeting and to invite other family members to attend.
HOLIDAY PARTY: The morning of Saturday, December 20, will be our holiday party featuring good food, fun, and Santa. Cost is yet to be determined.
THANK YOU BRUNCH: Sunday, December 28, will be our Taste Thank You Brunch at Appetites.
PLANNING MEETING: Save the date of Saturday, January 3, for our Strategic Planning Meeting.
MAYFIELD VILLAGE: Our speaker was Mayor Bruce Rinker, who explained the changing nature of the Village and the planning and good fortune that made all of the recent development possible. He used a powerpoint presentation to illustrate the points he was making. The mayor is concerned about what this economic slowdown will do to appraised values, and thus tax collections, in all communities.
Mayfield Village has 3400 people and is one-quarter Metropolitan Park District. He explained that communities need some industry or commercial development to pay for operating expenses, but that it's most important to try to separate them from residential areas. Mayfield has done that. They have 6,000 employees at Progressive on SOM and yet a buffer of city owned recreational land is between the commercial buildings and people's houses. That buffer includes a pool, wetland, soccer fields, and walking trails.

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